Your Hosts

Phillip Van Nostrand: Speaker & Coach

    • Phil Van Nostrand, a visionary expert in capturing vibrant, cinematic lifestyle imagery, is not only a renowned photographer but also a personal coach. With a passion for inspiring individuals to transform their lives, Phil brings his unique perspective to our retreats. He believes in the power of personal growth and the ability of each individual to create profound change. As a master networker, Phil has an innate talent for connecting people, fostering relationships, and facilitating meaningful connections. His ability to inspire and empower through photography and coaching makes him an invaluable asset to our team.

Ana Cerna: Commercialization, Logistics & Execution

    • With a remarkable track record spanning over 20 years in luxury hospitality and events, Ana’s expertise ensures seamless execution and exceptional client experiences. Ana is always ready to help and support the group, drawing from her extensive experience working with diverse teams from various backgrounds. As a true believer in the potential and power within each of us, Ana is passionate about empowering individuals to make transformative changes in their lives. Her insights and unwavering support create an environment where personal growth and profound transformations flourish.